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Online Sic Bo Odds

Sic Bo is becoming ever more popular in the online gambling industry these days, and as a result there is a higher demand for information about the odds of the game. The following paragraphs will provide some insight that can help players become more proficient at Sic Bo.

Risks and Strategies

Before a player decides to play Sic Bo, they must first determine whether or not they wish to take risks and play aggressively or use strategies and play conservatively. If the latter is the player's choice, there are plenty of different strategy charts and patterns that these players can study. If the player chooses the former, on the other hand, that player will be playing on instinct and will not require the help of a strategy chart in order to play.

Understanding the Odds

There are two different bets in Sic Bo--the large bet and the small bet. When the player places the small bet, the payout is one to one and the odds of winning are around 0.48%. If the player chooses to place a larger bet, the payout is still one to one, but the odds of winning fluctuate a little more. Sic Bo odds tables will provide more information about the odds of winning with certain card combinations, but the associated payouts are generally posted by the casino.

The House Edge

Regardless of the strategy or charts a player uses, there will always be a slight house edge. This means that the casino will always have an advantage over the player, though the player can certainly find ways to reduce this edge by playing conservatively and paying attention to the cards they have as well as the cards that have already been played. Remember, if bets are placed wisely, the odds of winning rise. Players should always keep this in mind.

Sic Bo is a fantastic game that can be played in nearly any online casino, though finding it in a bricks-and-mortar casino can be a trick. By practicing at home and in free online venues, players can learn the Sic Bo odds and become proficient at the game in no time.

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