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Online Sic Bo Probabilities

Before a player attempts to place wagers in a casino game, they must first understand the probability that they will win or lose. The following examples take big and small bets into consideration and a house edge of about 2.78%.

The Casino

Before a player utilizes any Sic Bo probability table too religiously, it is important to understand that these odds can shift by as much as 1% depending solely upon the venue in which the game is being played. With that in mind, players should find the venue with the lowest house edge and the highest payouts in order to achieve the best results. Once this has been accomplished, players can refer to charts and strategies for more information.

The Example

Let's say that a player is in for the small bet and rolls three dice which total anywhere between four and 10. The goal here will be to get a four and the probability of doing so in this example will be about 1.39%. On the other hand, if the player were to place a bet on seven or 14, the odds of winning are about 6.94%. The odds of actually winning are usually determined by the number of ways a certain number can be created with three six-sided dice. While there is only one way to get a total of three, there are several ways to create a score of 10; this makes the odds of getting a score of three much lower.

Sic Bo Strategy Charts

If a player chooses to use a Sic Bo strategy chart in order to estimate the probability of winning with any given roll, this can certainly be helpful--especially in online settings. This way, the player can adequately familiarize themselves with the best ways to place wagers, completely avoiding those bets that are impossible to win.

Understanding Sic Bo probability is very important if players hope to have any chance of walking away from the game tables as winners. The mathematic principles are very easy and there are plenty of charts that players can make use of.

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