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Online Sic Bo Strategies

Like other casino games, players who are interested in Sic Bo often look for new and exciting strategies that will help them win--or at least result in the loss of less money. The following information will help players of all skill levels better manage their bankrolls in just a few short minutes.

Understanding Probability

The strategies associated with Sic Bo are very similar to those associated with craps as the basic principles are the same. The goal is to bet that the player will roll certain number combinations and some of these combinations are more probable than others. As an example, a player who bets on a four has only one way to create this combination with three dice--2, 1 and 1--meaning the probability of rolling a four is low. On the other hand, since there are plenty of ways to create a score of 10 with three dice, the probability here is higher.

Big and Small Bets

The two most popular bets in Sic Bo are the big and small bets. A small bet is the term used when a player bets they will roll a number between four and 10 on three dice; a large bet means that the player must roll between 11 and 18. In order to be successful here, players can do any number of things. This involves using past patterns and probabilities in order to predict what the next roll of the dice will be.

Combination Bets

Players who have a hard time sticking to one certain set of numbers may choose to place combination bets. These require the player to specify two distinct numbers that they will attempt to roll. Therefore, instead of guessing that the total score of the dice will fall between the small or large bet criteria, the player will bet that they will roll either an eight or a 13, for example. These bets pay out more but the probability of winning is significantly lowered.

It is evident that odds and probability has much to do with the strategies that will work for Sic Bo. Players should keep in mind that no amount of logic or deduction will change the way the dice are rolled--this is all up to Lady Luck.

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